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Watch Drake Play Never Have I Ever And Deny Being a 6ex God

We know the truth, Aubrey.

by Sarah MacDonald
19 May 2016, 9:00am

Fresh off his double hosting/performing gig on SNL, Drake—and the shadow of a new beard—jetted out to L.A. to hangout with the daytime kween Ellen DeGeneres and prove that he can literally do it all: get into rap beefs, have his first number one hit, and have a pleasant, naughty, convo on Ellen. You know, instead of sitting courtside watching his beloved Raptors get torn apart by the Cavs in game one of the Eastern Conference Finals, but whatever. Toronto’s global ambassador shone his signature toothy, innocent grin and talked about Views, “One Dance”, and got pranked by some guy jumping out of a... box? Daytime TV! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The most interesting thing of note though is when he played a rousing game of Never Have I Ever with Jared Leto where the opening question was “Never Have I Ever Hooked Up With a Fan on Tour.” An easy question for most, Drizzy got all philosophical saying, like, “but what is a fan tho?” before admitting he certainly has hooked up with a fan(s). Calling bullshit on Drake for saying he has never had something on his body waxed. We’ve seen your shirtless selfies, Drizzy. Jared Leto was also there to be your coy bashful boyfriend and that’s all. Watch the videos below.

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