You'll Be Screaming At This Screening

If you win this competition to see the film we made with Marshall about Roadies.

Bands are cool and all, but you know who's even cooler? Roadies! Which is why we put Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse "Boots Electric" Hughes in a car and told him to drive across California looking for some.

Come and see the results of that experiment this Monday, at our first screening of On The Road at CAMP Basement in East London. Afterwards, Jesse and the series producer, Alex Hoffman, will succumb to a Q&A, and the alcohol will taste better than it usually does, because it will be free.

If that sounds good to you, you might like to attempt to answer this question:

How many roadies does it take to change a light bulb?

a) One Two, One Two, One Two...
b) None. That's the light crew's job
c) Your mum changes light bulbs

Email your answers to ukcompetitions@vice.com. If you win, we'll be in touch.