Romance Isn't Dead, It's Just Getting Spit-Roasted in the Toilet

A collection of the seediest stories we could find to inspire your inevitably regret-filled weekend.

In preparation for the weekend, we’ve compiled some of the darkest, seediest stories we could find to give you some inspiration on how to jam pack the next couple of days with experiences you're going to regret for the rest of your life. 

Illustrations by Sam Taylor. Follow him on Twitter @sptsam or visit his website at samtaylorillustrator.com.


About a year ago, I was frantically looking through my ex-boyfriend’s friends on Facebook, trying to find out what he was up to, when I came across a guy so hot he’d make a Jalapeño feel ashamed. I decided to friend request him and, to my surprise, he messaged me back straight away. I was quick to respond, telling him that we had met a while back (LIE) and the conversation started flowing. Around three messages in, he invited me over. I was so excited. I arrived at his and we smoked some weed and ate some fried chicken. We didn’t speak much because I was intensely paranoid and possibly pulling a whitey. 

A little while later, he forced me in to the bathroom, gaffa taped the windows and door shut and started running a bath. He forced me to get in it and, against my request to not get my newly blow-dried hair wet, he insisted on attempting to submerge my face in the eight inches of water. I got out the bath and he made me get down on my knees, picking up a toothbrush as he did so. “IM GONNA SHOVE THIS UP YOUR ASS NOW” he said. I pleaded: “NOT THE BRISTLY END!” and then realised I didn’t want any end of the toothbrush up my ass. It was then that I realised I was about to become a rape statistic, so I grabbed everything of mine I could see and ran out the door. 


A friend and I were out in Reading town centre a few years ago. We'd spent the night traipsing around all the Oceana-style clubs trying to pick up girls, but just ended up getting more and more drunk on the street, not wanting to pay the extortionate entrance fees to listen to Flo Rida for the rest of the night. After a few hours, we figured it was time to stop trying. We desperately needed to sober up and the chicken shop looked much more appealing than any club by that point. We both got a wings combo and sat down to start eating, before we noticed this girl that my friend knew from junior school. She came and sat next to us – almost as drunk as we were – was instantly started being excessively flirty and sexual.

Suddenly she grabbed my dick and started rubbing it, then stuck her leg under the table and lodged her foot on my friend's crotch. It was like one of those "real-life sex" stories in FHM, only we were in a chicken shop at 3AM in Reading. Anyway, she suggested we all go "check out" the disabled loo, so we did, and me and my friend ended up spit-roasting her on the floor, surrounded by used loo rolls and old, greasy chicken boxes. She asked us both to cum in her mouth, swallowed it, asked us to buy her a fanta, then left. We try not to talk about it anymore.


There were a group of lads at my university who used to go on annual trips to Magaluf and were generally the epitome of despicable. Last year, one of them went round to the house of a girl who’d been sending him saucy texts while her boyfriend was away. For whatever reason, he chose to invite nine of his friends round to share the booty-call action.

Long story short, they all ended up naked in her room – a sweaty bro-fest with one girl being taken from whichever way possible. Said girl obviously wasn’t realistically going to bother interacting with 10 dicks, so seven guys were left to stand around and wank on their own. One was my mate Jack, and after standing around touching himself for longer than anyone ever should in a room full of friends, he realised how weird and awkward the scenario was and got out of there faster than you can blubber "11-some".


I was drunk as hell in this big, horrible electro tent at a festival, when a girl I’d been checking out came up and drunkenly started making out with me, guiding my hand into her high-waisted shorts. I was obviously happy with that result, until she turned to my friend and started making out with him, too, while still thrusting up against me. After a while, I realised she’d pulled his hand down into her shorts as well and, as things got more heated, I brushed against his fingers, sending a shiver up my spine. I was freaked out, obviously, but, in my drunken stupour, all I could think was, 'Damn, why should I leave? I was here first'.

Anyway, the whole thing carried on for way longer than it should have done, until our fingers were almost entirely interlocked. My friend and I headed back to the campsite together, the shame emanating off us in a seedy smog of regret, and went to sleep in our flooded tents, feeling strange and lost. Unfortunately, it turned out a LOT of people saw what had happened, and we’ve been nicknamed "The Legion Of Doom" ever since.


I met this girl and went back to hers to get busy – pretty straight forward. Halfway into our fuck-party, I went downstairs to grab a drink, opened the fridge, and noticed that I was covered in period blood. She must have come on mid-sex and either not noticed or just not cared. 

Being the gentleman that I am, I quietly snuck into the shower, put on some clothes I found in the bathroom and made a beeline for the exit. On the way out, I noticed her weekly shopping delivery sitting by the front door and, for some reason, picked up the lot and slid out into the night, leaving the front door open behind me. I don’t even know her name. That was a definite low.

Illustrations by Sam Taylor. Follow him on Twitter @sptsam or visit his website at samtaylorillustrator.com.

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