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Stream Wicca Phase Springs Eternal's Sentimental Club Masterpiece "Abercrombie & Me"

Dark sentiments, cold feelings, and the best Ian Van Dahl sample you will ever hear.
22 May 2015, 9:08am

Most people know Adam McIlwee for his work with Tigers Jaw, but since leaving the band in 2013 he has been channelling his signature vocal drawls and emotionally-charged lyrics into a trap project called Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, which was most accurately summarised by someone on Soundcloud as "Morrissey meets Chief Keef".

Last month we gave you a teaser from his new album, Abercrombie & Me, in the form of "Nightfall", and today Noisey is streaming the record in full_._ Without giving too much away, it's pretty much perfect. It sounds like those surreal 5am moments at the end of a night of zealous partying where you don't know whether you want to kiss someone or cry, re-interpreted as an anime series. One of the tracks samples Ian Van Dahl's existential clubland anthem "Castles In The Sky", and if that's not the actual sound of the contents of a pill profoundly disintegrating through your veins I don't know what is.

It would probably be more fitting to stream this at midnight but, just like the proverbial 4/20, it's always midnight somewhere, right?

Stream Abercrombie & Me below and read our full interview with Adam here.

Abercrombie & Me is available now via iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp.