Holy Shit

Stop Everything! Frank Ocean Has Launched a Mysterious Live Stream on His Website

This is not a drill. This is not a drill.

by Daisy Jones
01 August 2016, 9:21am

These days, Frank Ocean has become less of a real life musician with real life music releases, and more of an urban myth, like slender man. Because of this, a vast percentage of the world jumps out of their skin every time he makes even the slightest of moves, and this morning he made a very big move in the form of a live stream on his website, which, at the time of publishing, is still up and running.

The video has an Apple logo in the top right hand corner, pointing to a probable Apple Music release. But what is it? A video? The album? Is he going to walk into the middle and slowly lift his middle finger up to camera? Will he give us a new release date for 2026? We need answers! We need answers God damn it!

According to Frank Updates on Twitter, the stream on the website is a looped video art project by Francis Soriano, who is the same dude who directed Frank Ocean’s “Lost” back in 2013. There’s also a new photo of Frank Ocean hidden in the updated website code, and I don’t know what this means but I’m sure it means something. Watch the video for yourself here (it works better on phones).


Frank Ocean has now spent the whole day sawing up pieces of wood, while we have watched him intently. Occasionally, the wood chopping has been interspersed with some properly chill ambient music (is it from the new album? Possibly. Anything is possible.) Some of this music has been uploaded to Soundcloud, which you can listen to below.