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We Spoke To Heavy Metal's New Hope, Shitfucker...About Nutsacks

And we premiere track "Sex Dungeon" from their subtly titled debut LP 'Suck Cocks in Hell'.

06 August 2013, 10:02am

Detroit born Shitfucker are not, as their name suggests, a militant gay hardcore band. Better than that, this power-trio of crusty, metal-punk vagrants from Motor City evoke the bygone power and glory of Motorhead and the adolescent Satanic machismo of early Venom. So, as well as Noisey premiering their track "Sex Dungeon" from subtly titled debut LP Suck Cocks In Hell, we caught up with them to chat about their musical influences and...nutsacks.

Noisey: Hey Shitfucker! What’s up?

Shitfucker: My cock...I'm masturbating.

Love the name, who responsible for it?

Demonbitch came up with said moniker as a young teenager. Only the perverted and uncorrupted by societal standards mind of a young child would dare to use such a name. It's immediately divisive while being infectious. It festers upon the brain. You don't forget it. It always fun to say to stupid fucks at random truck stops and Taco Bells on the road when they say "you guys must be rockstars, what's your band name?" and watch their slack-jawed reactions. Originally it was probably influenced by the God's Skitslickers (or Shitlickers if you prefer) as the band originally played a style more heavily influenced by Scandinavian raw punk and d-beat. All the connotations of the name suit the band as well. Whether you think of a coprophiliac, or a general fucked up and retarded person, or someone who fucks shit up and just destroys stuff...they all apply.

Are you guys as depraved as your music? Describe your ideal night out for us.

Our ideal night out would be staying at our house and taking acid, listening to loud Satanic records, headbanging and fucking! Having the Shit SS elite all together, drinking, fucking, snorting, huffing, smoking weed and tripping on Satan’s cum! Or maybe fucking up someone else's house. We hate going to the bars around here, nothing but fucking fag hipsters and indie rockers! When we do go out it's not uncommon that the night ends in a fight or flat-out street brawl. Our crowd has a pretty bad reputation and everyone is easily identifiable by the amount of denim, leather, chains, studs and spikes they wear. People know what to expect so Shitfucker is blacklisted from certain venues around here...or people just leave when the Shit SS enter. Some people are obviously bigger nutters than others but I can guarantee everyone has had their memorable moments of belligerence and wanton destruction! Of property and self a like! Detroit is a pretty nihilistic place you gotta understand...most people live like there's no future.

Can I actually see one of your nutsacks in the promo shot?

Yes. You like that don't you? I'm pretty sure everyone I know has seen Demonbitch naked at some point. If you haven't seen him naked yet, buy him some tequila and stick around for a bit.

So I’ve been listening to some of the tracks from your upcoming record, reminds me a lot of Sabbat to name but a few, but it sounds good and old. What were you listening to while you recorded?

The sound of our sound engineers crazy baby's mama voice as she argued with him about giving her some weed like every half hour. Had to listen to that a lot. It created a nice tension however for the recording. While I recorded the homosexual pickup intro for the song "Acid Bath" about Jeffery Dahmer she stared at me through a crack in the door. I could only see her eyeball. She actually was institutionalised soon after I hear.... Also Rommel, Rosenfeld, Harkenkreuz, Mein Kampf, Charged G.B.H, Warfare, 45 Grave and Broken Bones...also the sound of the spiders that congregate around me while I sleep that whisper the secrets.

I must say I’ve been completely ignorant to you guys and the Detroit scene in general is there a lot going on?

Yes, however your ignorance is not one gives a fuck about this place. There's no trend appeal to being into punk and metal here. It's not fucking LA, Portland or Austin. There is no media eye here only die-hard extremists who would do what they do with no attention at all. Detroit and the mid-west has always been the contaminated ground where real rock and roll music is created. Then it is co-opted by the savvy "art" minds of the east coast into a trend and finally commercialized to death on by west coast marketing wizards...this pattern has replayed over and over dozens of times since the 60's. There are a handful of good bands but I'll leave that for you to find out....

If you could choose any bands, what would be your dream line-up to play with?

First an act of necromancy is performed upon the corpses of Kawakami, Nanuek, Randy Uchida and Munetaka Higuchi and they open the show with a set of Discharge covers. Next Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Mastodon are brought to the stage and sacrificed, blood spills into a cup and is then used to anoint the body of Bon Scott, who is also resurrected then to revive fucking rock and is immediately declared leader of the New World Order. He declares a new genocidal holocaust on all wimps and posers. Then Shitfucker plays. After this Iron Maiden makes an unprecedented club appearance because they are big Shitfucker fans. It is their first appearance with Paul Di'Anno on vocals in nearly 30 years. Finally, Hawkwind doses the crowd with windowpane and performs a space ritual. The doors are then locked and Manowar finishes out the night as the place burns to the ground, Great White style.