Holy Shit

Hold on to Your Stomach, There's a Video of Brand New Playing Their First New Song in Six Years

An updated website, a fresh promo image, and now this.

by Ryan Bassil
09 April 2015, 9:09am

This morning I put on a Brand New t-shirt (merchandise from the second-wave emo band of the same name, but also admittedly the first fresh shirt in three days because, whatever, we all slip sometimes right?) for the first time in 2015 and logged on the internet to see that footage of the same band playing their first new material in six years had appeared online. Proof that the universe is ours; we control our own destiny; live life and love or something like that. And that Brand New are very alive!

Since the release of Daisy, the band's fourth record, there's been barely a glimmer of new music. The band have always been notoriously quiet between albums, but the wait between Daisy and today has felt dry-heavingly long, with the only foreplay coming from a song frontman Jesse Lacey recorded alongside his wife, a picture of Jesse teaching some cute puppies how to shred the guitar, and the odd #rare footage of them covering Weezer's "Sweater Song", among some other delicate teasers. But as the saying goes, "everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain, but you can't make a rainbow, without a little rain <3", and="" the="" band="" opened="" their="" set="" last="" night="" with="" first="" material="" in="" six="" years. watch="" below:<="" p="">

The song, which is seemingly titled "Don't Feel Anything", kicks previous album Daisy goodbye with frantic fretwork and yelped vocals. As with every previous release, it feels like a natural progression for a band that's ageing finer than a bottle of emotionally distraught whiskey, but it's also perhaps too early to tell, since we're lacking in a CD quality version. Hopefully that won't be for much longer, as this isn't the only action we've seen in the past few months. Back in November they updated their website to read "in the studio" and last weekend, released another piece of long-awaited material - the lyric booklet for the band's third album The Devil and God are Raging Inside of Me.

The booklet inside the record's original 2006 release featured no lyrics, and instead had a page which read: "Please send $1 to *address* for a complete copy of the lyrics." Last Friday, nine years since the release of the album, the lyric booklets arrived with the added bonus of a flyer - which confirmed the official release of the band's 2005 demos - a dollar bill (from the song "Mix Tape", duh), and some other shit. They also deleted every image on their Instagram and replaced it with a brand new promo image.

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Basically - Brand New got back.

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