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PREMIERE: Nick Brewer - Warning Light EP

The Essex rapper's latest EP is a cyclone of grime, garage and house, with features from Stormzy and Tink.

by Noisey Staff
28 November 2014, 12:16pm

Essex rapper Nick Brewer was beginning to get his name for tender and gripping narrative set to autumnal rap beats, and he was pretty good at it too. But versatility is king, and as soon at it was time to follow up his Four Miles Further EP, he decided to whip up a whole new cyclone of sounds.

This new EP, titled Warning Light, focuses on exposing that distinct change in vibe, more a monster of his influences than his thoughts, and splits the atom with fiercer beats and a hoard of special guests in the shape of hyped South London MC Stormzy, fierce Chicago girl Tink, Barney Artist, Ruby Maze and Jarreau Vandal.

Along with the premiere of the EP, from which you can stream all six tracks below, we caught up with Nick to talk about how it was made and what’s coming next.

Noisey: Yo Nick! When did you start making this EP then?
Nick: I started writing for Warning Light in June, as soon as I had put out my last EP Four Miles Further. I felt like that release showed my mellow, story-telling side, so I wanted to display something different with this release. It's more upbeat, with some different influences in there, including garage, grime and house. It's still very much me, but just a different side, which is something I wanted to showcase before I begin the album.

Is there a theme linking the whole thing together?
I wouldn't say so, but I definitely wanted to display the more fun side of my character. I really wanted to catch people's attention, and show that I can make music for people to bounce to. While a lot of the music that I've previously put out is more laid back, I wanted to mix it up and go back to some of my original influences with this EP. I grew up listening to garage and grime, and that's what made me want to start making music in the first place, so I wanted that to come across.

How did contributors like Stormzy get involved?
I'm always keen to work with artists that I'm a fan of, and I’ve been fortunate enough to do that on here. I've been a fan of Stormzy for a while, and I've enjoyed watching his journey. When I made the track “Warning Light”, I just felt like he would be able to add something to it with his lyrical content and character, so I reached out.

Is this going to mark you going quite for a while in preparation of something bigger?
Yeah an album is definitely in the pipeline. I've already started working on it, and I've got a clear idea of what I want to do. I'm hoping that things will keep progressing, but for now I'm just enjoying the journey.

Thanks Nick.

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