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DJ Khaled, Travis Scott, Rick Ross, and Big Sean's “On Everything” Video Is An Art

Four minutes of hanging at the mansion is followed by 30 seconds of intrigue. It's... genius.

by Alex Robert Ross
26 June 2017, 8:40am

This article originally appeared on Noisey US.

DJ Khaled has followed up the release of his new album Grateful with a new video for "On Everything" with Travis Scott, Rick Ross, and Big Sean. It is an art.

No, you might say to yourself as you read this, DJ Khaled's new video for "On Everything" with Travis Scott, Rick Ross, and Big Sean is not an art. It cannot be an art. It is dumb. I urge you to reconsider. Yes, for four minutes, this is just your standard DJ Khaled video: Scott holds onto some tigers, Ross sits on a throne, Sean wears a cool tracksuit. There is a lot of Ciroc, Summer Colada flavour.

The twist comes at the end. With the song finished, the video cuts to a low-lit shot of masked gunmen storming Khaled's estate. For 30 seconds, we see these men jumping over shrubs with AK-47s strapped around their chests. The last shot shows Khaled realising that his perimeter has been breached, pulling his headphones from his ears when he hears a suspicious sound. "TO BE CONTINUED," a message on the screen says. The issue here is not so much what will happen next time when we continue, but what exactly just happened that can be continued.

Truly great art asks us such questions. Maybe infant mogul Asahd Khaled really is a genius.

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