Equal and Gyptian's "Contact High" Is Full of Chill and Also Warmth

The NYC producer and the dancehall singer keep things calm amidst the storm.

12 December 2017, 9:14am

This article originally appeared on Noisey Canada.

NYC DJ/producer Equal isn't picky with his features, having both Gary Jules (yeah, the "Mad World" dude) and Aussie band Sekiden grace his dance numbers. His latest left-turn has him linking up with reggae veteran Gyptian for "Contact High," a welcome summer breeze in the depths of December. Unlike the other neo-dancehall hits clogging up streaming algorithms, the song doesn't venture into cloying, post-Bieber earworms and is instead content to loll about unassumingly, with Gyptian's easygoing flirtations and Equal's able-bodied riddim speaking for themselves.

"This love song always had an island vibe to it," Equal told Noisey, "it was a beautiful, happy accident that led to being blessed with the vocal stylings of one of the greatest voices in reggae, Gyptian." Stream "Contact High" below.