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The state of our minds in 2015.

27 April 2015, 5:50am

Each year, one in every four Britons will experience mental health problems. To put that in context, the same percentage of Brits 'drink to get drunk', snore and steal those little bars of soap from hotel rooms.

For VICE, mental health feels like the most urgent topic of discussion in the run up to this year's election. This is because the coalition government seem to have spent the last five years designing a country with which to provoke a mental health crisis, while simultaneously hacking away at the safety net you need to deal with one.

So, with Election '15 just days away, and with none of the main parties pledging enough support for the ailing NHS, we decided to highlight just how important mental health provision is.

Like all of VICE's election coverage, we have sought to look beyond the Westminster pantomime and hone in on the issues at hand. Who is eventually elected matters far less than the work that there is to be done after May 7th; they will all have the same problems to solve.

We hope that The VICE Guide to Mental Health – brought together with the invaluable help of Mind – makes plain just how big an issue mental healthcare is in Britain today.

– Eleanor Morgan, Senior Editor, VICE UK

If you are concerned about the mental health of you or someone you know, talk to Mind on 0300 123 3393 or at their website, here.

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