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Who Would Win in a Fist Fight, Obama or Romney?

We asked some people who were hanging around near the Republican National Convention.

by Kyle Kramer
30 August 2012, 11:55am

Forget the party platforms, the speeches and all the hoopla surrounding the Republican and Democratic conventions. When you step into a voting booth in November, only one deal-breaking question about Mitt and Barack should be on your mind: Who would win in a battle of fisticuffs?

Does Barack Obama, an avid basketball player, have the physical prowess to best Mittens? Or will Romney, a cut-throat businessman, fight dirty enough to slay all that hopey-changey shit for good? We headed out to a Rock the Vote event and the surrounding streets of Tampa, where the Republican National Convention is gathered this week, to find out.

VICE: Who would win in a fist fight, Obama or Romney?
Adrian: I don't know about the other guys, so I'd just go with Obama. Maybe he knows how to fight.

Gary (left) and Dustin (right)

Dustin: Obama plays basketball. Come on! Obama's athletic.

Gary: Yeah. You know Mitt Romney doesn't want to fight with his shirt off.

Dustin: Actually, I think Michelle Obama would win.

Jason: I think Obama would definitely win. I just feel like he's in much better shape. I think he'd be a smarter fighter than Romney, and I think he'd fight dirty if he had to.

Dan (left) and Seve (right)

Dan: I've got to go with Barack. I've got to go with Chicago.

Seve: It ain't even a white or black thing. I bet Mitt is in pretty good shape for his age, but Barack has got to be in much better shape.

Jeff: I don't even know what Mitt Romney looks like!

Bryn: If Ron Paul were also included, Mitt Romney would come in third, that's for sure. Realistically, Obama would beat Ron Paul because he's younger. But Ron Paul bikes every day and probably knows martial arts because he was in the military. I would say, right now, Obama would beat Ron Paul, but if they were the same age, Ron Paul would win.

Emily (right) and Eric (left)

Emily: Is the crew included?
Eric: Or is it one-on-one?

How about both cases?
Emily: If the crew is included, I'm gonna go with Barack. One-on-one, I don't know. That might be a draw.
Eric: Yeah.

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