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What Sort of Person Likes Mumford & Sons?

Are they harmless, or are they twee, ukelele-playing pricks?

by Jack Hammer
16 July 2012, 12:25pm

Remember a couple of years back, before the recession really hit, when music journalists were promising that the poverty epidemic would at least give us a new generation of politicised, Molotov hurling rebel bands to enjoy?

Well look where that got us. This morning, Mumford & Sons are trending on Twitter. They've got a new album coming out called Babel. I don't know, maybe I'll be wrong about this and Marcus Mumford will tie copies of Babel to bricks and personally deliver them through the parlour windows of every greedy banker and crooked politician in the country. But it seems far more likely to me that it'll sound like a man whose band's initials spell out "M&S" playing a ukelele in a Magners advert.

But people like that, right? The bucolic escapism? Farms? Except I've honestly never met anyone who's seemed particularly into the band. So, I decided to take a look for people celebrating their new record on Twitter, scan their timeline real quick and see what else they're into besides Mumford & Sons.

This is what I found. This is what makes Mumford & Sons fans tick.

Franny likes:
- Laura Marling ("How can someone be so perfect?")
- Her grandma's homemade chips
- Art
- Vegan baking
- Inspirational quotes
- Customising tote bags
- Cute Tumblrs

Becki Thatcher Hall likes:
- Rugby players
- Australia (the country, not the movie)
- The entry-level stoner TV show, Family Guy
- The activity, shopping
- Eminem
- Watching boxing (but for the hunky shirtless guys, not the fighting lol)
- Talking about her hair colour
- The restaurant chain, Nando's

Jeeves Won'tiams likes:
- Virgin Media adverts starring David Tennant and Stephen Fry
- The Harry Potter books
- The film, Shrek 2
- The restaurant chain, Pizza Hut
- Vlogging
- The smell of his own farts
- Talking about ninjas and shit

Joseph Pierce likes:
- LHFAO at men getting blowjobs from their girlfriends in car parks
- Sunshine
- Alcohol
- Lionel Richie
- Talking about his hangovers
- Telling the world about all the "random songs" on his iPod
- Complaining about people who walk slow

Tashaaaa :3 likes:
- Playing the ukelele
- The film, Hot Tub Time Machine
- The lyrics of the band, Blink-182
- The lyrics of the band, Good Charlotte
- Sleeping
- People who text back
- The entry-level stoner TV show, Family Guy

rachel allen likes:
- McDonald's
- Lie-ins
- Getting back from a holiday abroad and having a nice cup of tea
- The confectionary snack, Peanut M&M's
- Fantasising about winning the National Lottery
- Tans
- Irish accents
- The actor, Gerard Butler ("YUM!")

Victoria McCrea likes:
- McDonald's
- Talking about how old the main actors from her favourite childhood TV shows are now (WAY older than you think, guys)
- The film, Maid in Manhattan
- Spending like, the entire day eating cake, but then eating more when you get home ;)
- Nice weather
- Ed Sheeran
- "Proper musicians"
- Zooey Deschanel's New Girl

Jim Halpert likes:
- The TV show, Doctor Who
- Arctic Monkeys
- The Harry Potter books
- Second hand bookshops
- The actress, Emma Stone
- Starbucks
- The book, The Great Gatsby

Andrew Uribe likes:
- Cuddling
- Family parties (ESPECIALLY the leftovers)
- Summer romances
- The band, Less Than Jake ("put on great shows and are friendly; what a combination")
- Disney movies
- Retweeting the official Twitter account of Disney's Phineas and Ferb

So there you have it. I guess in these guys' perfect world, Marcus Mumford would have married Laura Marling instead of Carey Mulligan, and every night they'd go round each other's houses to watch Family Guy and top up their cider wattles with fast food and Peanut M&M's.

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