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Hudson Mohawke Premiered His Soul-Trap Explosion “Ryderz” Last Night

I want this shit played at my funeral.

by Angus Harrison
13 April 2015, 3:20pm

Last night, during his Rinse FM takeover, Hudson Mohawke dropped another new cut from his upcoming solo LP Lantern. The track, called "Ryderz", might possibly be a 'bit much' for some, but for others the sizzler may well represent the most glorious explosion of soul-via-trap ever to grace the airwaves. The track reworks "Watch Out for the Riders", an uplifting slice of soul from 1973 courtesy of DJ Rogers. HudMo essentially takes the bouncing melody of the original tune and turns all vibes up to 11, culminating in the sort of high-octane rush I haven't experienced since I first learned how to ride a bike.

Seriously, this tune might be the most uplifting thing I've ever heard. It sounds like a Marvin Gaye show in space. It sounds like an anime remake of Billy Elliott. It sounds like getting fucked up with a robot Prince. It sounds like Alton Towers on speed. It sounds like a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack if he was still relevant. It sounds like a jack-hammer fuckfest with everyone you've ever fancied (probably in space again). It sounds like the start of the summer holidays. It sounds like a bubble bath in a hot-tub full of champagne. I want this shit played at my funeral.

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