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Adamski Waltzes Back with a Brand New Album: Stream it Now

Vienna meets Jamaica, 3/4 meets a 4/4 world.

by A-Trak !
13 February 2015, 7:30pm

4/4, it is usually agreed, is the standard beat of the dancefloor drum. We seem hardwired to get down to a flat four on the floor. Isn't it nice, sometimes, to mix things up a bit? Isn't it a treat, every so often, to do it a little differently?

"Killer" man Adamski seems to thinks so. His new album, streaming in full below, is an experiment in the woozy sensation evoked by waltz's 3/4 time signature. The result of this trend-bucking is Revolt an album stuffed with collaborations with everyone from Lee "Scratch" Perry to Congo Natty.

Get your ballroom shoes out and practice that shuffle.

Revolt is released on Futurewaltz Records on the 16th of February.