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THUMP UK's Seven Most Played

Our round up of the seven best things we heard in the UK office this week.

by Angus Harrison
22 January 2016, 4:50pm

Welcome to Seven Most Played. THUMP UK's weekly round up of the seven best things we've heard all week.

God, 2016 eh. 2016. What a year it's been. We love living in 2016. It's great, isn't it, being in 2016? We think so. And you know why we think that? Because of music, obviously. This week, we've been particularly blown away by NA Nguzu's latest on Fade to Mind, which practically shaved our ears off, as well as the storming "Battery" from fellow Future Brown cohort Fatima Al Qadiri. We've also enjoyed new work from Four Tet, Justin Van Der Volgen's remix of Felix Dickinson's "A Day's Reality," and the shivering samples from Voices on the Lake's latest EP. For mixes we've been spoilt by two magnificent efforts, firstly from Beautiful Swimmers on Tim Sweeney's Beats in Space show, and finally some washy goodness on LNS' Trushmix.

Oh, and this week on THUMP we've been pretty busy with our Britain at Night series, which you should absolutely check out...right now. Well, after you've finished with this.

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