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Swing Ting, Baba Stiltz and the Best New Music We Heard This Week

Also featuring some unheard gems from the furthest reaches of Soundcloud.

by Angus Harrison
13 January 2017, 11:08am

Another week, another string of weird and wild things emerging on Soundcloud. Here are some of the best things we've heard across the past seven days. Tokyo producer RGL has come through with some dusk-ready house, bleed provides the "150bpm" on "ibiza girls," Baba Stiltz has turned in a sultry jam in the shape of "Baby," and we also happened upon some gorgeous, scuffed up house from relative unknown Harrison BDP. We also heard some great mixes. An exuberant Trushmix session from Cato Canari, Swing Ting's triumphant FACT mix—stuffed to the gills with exclusives—and a perfect wind-down in the shape of Extended Mix's dedication to "the big sky."


2. bleed - ibiza girls

3. Baba Stiltz - Baby

4. Harrison BDP - It's Foggy Outside

5. Cato Canari - Trushmix 98

6. Swing Ting - FACT Mix 583

7. The Extended Mix - A Big Sky Place

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