Let These Grime Instrumentals Wash Over You Like a Synthy Tide

They're on producer and past P Money and Jammer collaborator Shredda's new 'Horrific Injustice' EP.

by Noisey Staff
10 February 2017, 1:00pm

There's a certain feeling that ripples through your body when you hear a song that, to put it simply, slaps. It can be a swinging lurch in your belly, a goosebumps-creating shudder or the sense that someone's grabbed you by the shoulders and won't stop shaking you repeatedly – but, you know, in a good way. 

As an instrument, the human voice makes a light flicker on in our minds – its the recognition of empathy, the comfort of now-woolly memories of your parents speaking to you when you were a baby, the bristling discomfort of a raised voice or one choked with panic. 

But it's something else entirely to be able to do that with instrumentals alone. We've already written about the grime instrumental and its legacy in a genre that's come to be defined by the spitting, cajoling, winking voices of its most-respected MCs and rappers. Then you have someone like Shredda, a producer who's been quietly layering the beats over which the likes of Jammer, Shorty, P Money and Footsie have rhymed in recent years.

Shredda was responsible for the beats on both "A Fun One" and "Bags Under My Eyes", off P Money's 2015 album Money Over Everyone 2, and they're among the five songs he's putting out on his forthcoming Horrific Injustice EP. You can have a listen to it here now, before it's due to drop on Sunday 12 February.

"Listening to grime beats is something I enjoy doing," he tells us, "but unlike house music and dubstep, instrumental grime doesn't get as much attention – although it's the most diverse genre. This is something I want to change." And here's the way he plans to do it, with strings samples, beats that jump like popping candy and synths colliding over one another.

Listen to the Horrific Injustice EP below:

(Lead image courtesy of Shredda)

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