All the Art You Can Watch Online This Black Friday

A mega-list of free, online art resources so you can fight consumerism by consuming knowledge.
25 November 2016, 1:05pm

For many, today means waking up at an obscene hour to face a violent throng of fellow shoppers. Instead, why not lose yourself in some art? Galleries are closed and you're staying at home, but art on the internet never sleeps.

We thought it'd be nice to point you in the right direction for some robust and totally free art content from some of our favorite organizations and institutions. You won’t have to travel far to get to know American treasures from the National Gallery of Art, or cozy up in the bedroom of an artist in SFMOMA's Artist Cribs series. Check out our mega-list below:

MoMA's Youtube Channel is a treasure trove of 642 art videos ranging from current exhibitions to recaps of major performance events at the museum. Our favorites include inside their conservation studio tours and artist profiles.

+ Watch live and archived video of lectures, dialogues, and performances involving artists, scholars, and critics of contemporary art and culture on The Walker Channel, including a timelapse of Sol LeWitt's Arcs from four corners and a panel about local artists curating work for the internet.

+ Explore virtual tours of museums, temples, libraries, and street art sites through the Google Arts & Culture portal. We're particularly fond of Loved Ones by street artist NOBULO in collaboration with MARCO Arto in Mexico, and Women in India: Unheard Stories.

+ Hunker down and watch The Met’s The Artist Project to see Jeff Koons observe Roman sculpture and Swoon consider Honoré Daumier's The Third-Class Carriage.

+ Hop on over to the Tate's video channel to explore_Artist Cities_ with Ai Weiwei and Abraham Cruzvillegas.

+ Interested in artists from your own city? Last season of Art in the Twenty-First Century, made by non-profit organization ART21, features artists' relationships to the places where they live.

+ A hub of content from more than 50 cultural institutions lives on Artbabble, a video platform produced by the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

SFMOMA features an unfiltered, behind-the-scenes glimpse into what it’s like to live and work as a contemporary artist in their series, Artist Cribs.

+ Our very own National Gallery of Art presents videos and podcasts around the Gallery's history, exhibitions, and collections. This is a fine resource to delve into American art this holiday weekend.

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