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Psychedelic Video Art Sculptures Shine Across the World

Celebrate five years of looping LEDs and public-participation performances in Daniel Canogar's compilation of "LED Sculptural Artworks."
02 July 2015, 3:57pm
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Participatory performance-based video art projects from screens twisted into snaking shapes in Daniel Canogar’s LED Sculptural Artworks. Over the past five years, Canogar’s specially designed LED panels have hung over public spaces and gallery floors, from audiovisual mosaic, Waves, in Houston, to his newest Helix installation at the Royal Caribbean. The artist’s animations look like looped clip art in the acidic shades of a late 60s album cover: genderless crowds and pools of tie-dye. Together, with the similarly twisted form of the sculptures, the displays provide a new experience of the art from each angle and with each video segment.

A selection Canogar’s other work, which we wrote about in June, is currently on exhibition at Bitforms Gallery in New York as part as their Memory Burn show.

Below, watch each of Canogar’s LED Sculptural Artworks in action in a video compilation of the works.

For more of Daniel Canogar's works, check out his website.


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