Beautiful Still Lifes Finding the Extraordinary in the Mundane

Mauricio Alejo took these photos in several of his apartments in New York City, where he lived for 13 years trying to make it as an artist.

by Mauricio Alejo
18 November 2016, 12:00am

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I lived in Brooklyn for 13 years, struggling to make a living with art and photography. I shot all these photos in several of my apartments throughout the years. (I've moved 12 times in the past 15 years.) Of course, I never intended them to be autobiographical, but, unwillingly, they'll become a personal memorabilia of sorts. I'm equally seduced by photography and by sculpture. I did all the images with 4x5 negative. I just love the ritual and the built-in limitations of large-format photography.

Mauricio Alejo is a photographer based in New York and Mexico City. He's done editorial assignments for Wired Magazine, the New Yorker, Wallpaper, and many more. Most recently he's been collaborating for Ordinary magazine.