LATER Have Released a Luxurious, Heartbreaking Banger

The group behind this summer's greatest musical creation have returned with another one (and the video features a cameo from CASisDEAD too).

by Noisey Staff
08 November 2016, 12:09pm

Those who have been paying attention will remember the CASisDEAD​ track "Before This". It is, in our own fine and self-aggrandising words, the greatest song to be released in 2016 and this summer's most underrated banger. And those who understand this will be aware of LATER, the group who featured on that track and carved it into a delectable platter of sun-drenched, kaleidoscopic sound.

LATER's new track "Unicorn" picks up where "Before This" concluded. There's the same luxurious yet lounge-like aesthetic in the production. There's an instrument that could, if you close your eyes hard enough, transport you to Miami. But everything is a little down. "How come I don't see you no more", they sing, "I want things to be like before". And then you realise there's been a heartbreak. A big fucking heartbreak. Which is, of course, the ideal ingredient for a pop song that bangs.

The video itself is stunning. Look, we could describe it to you but what's the point? You've got a pair of eyes. We've got work to do. Just click play before and make sure you look out for a cameo from CAS.

Produced by: LATER. Directed by Drive Me Home. Assistant Director: Dan Ward. Arm: James Morgan.