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What Would Your Ideal Partner Look Like?

"They'd probably look like a porn star."

by Matthew Murphy
04 September 2013, 3:17pm

David Matlock, an experienced plastic surgeon with the dead eyes of an experienced plastic surgeon, recently made the headlines for turning a patient into his dream wife. Matlock says that it was love at first sight, before convincing the flawless object of his affection to undergo liposuction of the chin, arms and thighs.

Not all of us have the requisite funds, skills or megalomania to shape another human being into a projection of our perfect partner. But if we did, what would they look like? Hey, people of London, what would your ideal partner look like?

Bozena: Taller than me. Brown hair. Looks aren’t so important, though.

VICE: Why so?
I think they should be funny and intelligent. It’s not about how they look. My boyfriend is all of these things. But yeah, it’s not looks, it’s about that "spark", you know?

Fair point. So how would you react if your boyfriend said he wanted to change you into what he thought was "perfect"?
I would think that he didn't really want me. I would break up with him, I think. Why would he go out with me in the first place? It’s not right.

So you'd never want to change someone into your perfect person?
No, no – that is just so dumb. Very shallow.

Ninety: Nothing to do with plastic surgery.

You don’t want a woman who’s had work done?
If I meet somebody and that person is a great person with a good heart, I find them attractive and we have things in common, then that’s it. It’s about who you are, not what you wear and what you look like. Saying that, you do have to be both attracted to each other.

Okay. What do you think of this surgeon?
Different strokes for different folks, really. Who am I to judge? It wouldn’t be my ideal situation, but if they’re both into it, then fine. 

Ashley: I don’t know, really. I don’t have an ideal partner in life. There’s no particular woman who is "perfect". I’ve dated a number of women who are different races and heights and everything. I know that’s quite a vague answer.

What if you were asked to change to make yourself “perfect”?
Well, I’d just say, 'Sorry, I’m not going to change.' I'd probably say, 'See you next Tuesday!' [laughs] No, I wouldn’t; that'd be harsh. She’d just have to accept me for who I am.

So you wouldn’t change a woman to make her more ideal for you?
No, no – I don’t think so. The reason you get with someone is because you like them for who they are, not just what they look like.

Natascha: Harry Styles.

I was waiting for that answer to come up.
I think he’s beautiful. I like dark hair.

What about in a world free from One Direction?
He would be beautiful. But maybe also charming, sweet and nice. And also a bit arrogant.

What do you think of someone who wants their partner to get plastic surgery?
I think you should like the person for who they are, not what they look like. Okay, not everyone is perfect, but that’s what makes them human, right?

But if you could change them, they would be Harry Styles?
Yes [laughs].

Vicente: They’d probably look like a porn star.

Why a porn star?
They look the best. They’re made to please us.

Is that not like playing God, moulding your ideal spouse?
Definitely. I think we’re all looking for that perfect human being. But we can’t find them, because the perfect human being doesn’t exist. And so we try to use plastic surgery instead.

What do you make of the surgeon who changed his wife into what he thought was perfect?
I wouldn’t have done it myself. But, like, I’m Brazilian, and in Brazil women are always using botox. Botox here, botox there. So I’m kinda used to it. Actually – I think I would.

You’d do what he did?
Yeah. I’d try to find someone first who is more or less the person I’m looking for so it’s not a complete overhaul – just a touch here and a touch there.

What if a woman said she wanted to change you into someone else?
Well, if she showed me a picture first, I’d consider it.

Fair enough.

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