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Stop What You're Doing: Here’s Robyn’s “Send to Robin Immediately” Video

The new clip is a joyful, loved up trip through nature – featuring lots of dancing, obviously.

by Daisy Jones
15 February 2019, 11:54am

Still from Robyn's “Send to Robin Immediately” video

It can be hard in the depths of winter – when your toes are always cold and you have to get dressed every morning in one swift uncomfortable motion – to remember what it can be like the rest of the time. How you can actually do fun things like, idk, go skinny dipping in a lake (I heard there's a secret spot near Hackney Marshes although it may or may not have leeches). Or go to festivals where you find yourself stroking someone's hair in the grass who you just met but are convinced you're in love with. Or barbeques, in people's gardens. That kind of thing. Fun, summer things.

Anyway, in news that will make your bleak Friday a little brighter, Robyn has released a video for her Honey track “Send to Robin Immediately” and it will remind you of all the above. It's a joyful, blissed out video, full of beautiful people dancing and making out and being at one with nature – but not in an annoying way, in a way that will cause a slight stirring in your chest, a spring in your step, a subtle but tangible alteration in mood.

Watch the video above and read our profile with the Swedish icon from late last year while you're at it.

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