Random Guy Gets Mistaken for Actual Club DJ, Commits Legendary Troll on Promoter

Someone give this guy a medal.

by Vincent Bittner
30 September 2017, 9:00am

This article originally appeared on THUMP in 2016.

Cases of mistaken identity don't happen as often as they did before the age of the internet and social media, where our names and faces are easily searchable. But when these instances of confusion do happen, the outcome can be legendary, as it was in the case of Danny James Elliott. Apparently, Mr. Elliott shares a surname with a club DJ from leeds—DJ Elliot—who had recently "smashed" a string of sets at an unknown club. Shortly after, the club's promoter wanted to offer the DJ a weekly residency, but apparently just searched "Elliott" on Facebook, and then messaged the wrong guy (the non-DJ, civilian Elliott). After that happened, Elliott was offered the weekly gig at the club, according to the promoter's messages. After accepting the residency, Elliott goes into full-troll mode with a slew of odd requests; pyro, rave paint, foam jacuzzis, and even a lengthy tracklist for his sets including the "YMCA" song and a Grease mega-mix. And that's only scratching the surface.

Check out the conversation below between fake-Elliot and the club promoter, which was posted on Danny James Elliott's personal Facebook page this week. "So apparently I've got the same name as a DJ in Leeds and in a case of mistaken identity, I got asked to be the resident DJ every Thursday at the club's biggest night," Elliott wrote by way of an introduction. "I've never ever DJ'd before in my life but I thought I'd go along with it anyway..."

May the rave gods bless this man.