These Are the VICE Shows You Can Now Watch for Free On All 4

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Sep 14 2018, 4:32pm

VICE has arrived on All 4. That means loads and loads of box sets, available to stream, for free, on demand, anytime. Here are all the shows you can watch right now.


They say the best way to get to know someone is to walk a mile in their shoes. But how about jumping into a swimming pool full of gay bears to find out if you're really an otter? In Balls Deep, Thomas Morton sets out to learn about the human race by immersing himself in various subcultures.

Watch the box set here.


The Wire's Michael K Williams presents this documentary series exploring the world of illicit trade, from the poachers who kill pangolin for traditional medicine to heroin users forced to steal and sell supermarket meat.

Watch the box set here.


Action Bronson is joined by his friends The Alchemist, Big Body Bes and Mayhem Lauren to discover the world's most fucking delicious food and wine, which means everything from fried chicken off a car boot to takeaway spaghetti in the hot tub.

Watch the box set here.


In the depths of the Panamanian jungle, an American entrepreneur and hundreds of young people are hoping to build the "world's most sustainable modern town". But the "interns" have to battle with the purpose of their community – will they do more harm than good?

Watch the box set here.


Three teams of skaters compete on the road trip of a lifetime to win Thrasher's annual title, becoming King of the Road heroes and icons of the sport. Unfortunately for them, this isn't just a challenge to see who can nail the best ollie; they also have to do extremely weird shit, like pee into their own mouths and shit in the team van.

Watch the box set here.


Tattooing is no longer an art form reserved for society's fringes. Now a global phenomenon, what does inking yourself really mean in the modern age? Artist and activist Grace Neutral travels the world meeting tattooists and fanatics to find out why body art is worth the pain, even if it means risking prison or social exclusion.

Watch the box set here.


Everyone's got one truly fucked up sesh anecdote. In Party Legends, notable and notorious personalities share their most candid party stories, with help from emerging artists and animators.

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If the eyes are the gateway to the soul, then fashion holds a mirror to society. Host Hailey Gates visits the fashion cities that pop culture ignores, where what you put on your back can affect more than your street cred.

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Dr Siri Sat Nam Singh sits down to speak with musicians from the worlds of rap, rock, pop, dancehall and EDM to discover what lies beneath their public personas. With appearances from Waka Flocka Flame, Joey Bada$$ and Katy Perry.

Watch the box set here.


VICE gets on the field and into the ring through a series of compelling stories at the fringe of culture and politics.

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What does weed really mean for society? Krishna Andavolu investigates.

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Diplo takes us behind the scenes of his A-lister life, hanging out with Skrillex to write a banging new track and spending the day with the wrong sick child. Comedy starring Dawson Creek's James Van Der Beek.

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If Pornhub's taught us anything, it's that whatever your preference when it comes to filth, you're not alone. In this series, sex columnist Karley Sciortino meets monster dildo makers, ecosexuals and blowjob bots to learn more about the kinks and fetishes that make us human. Because all we really want is to be accepted for the freaks we are, right?

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The Last Shot follows American and Mexican basketball players whose careers have been derailed, as they compete in underground, cash-prize Mexican tournaments in search of one last opportunity to make a living playing the game they love.

Watch the box set here.


Who was Bam Margera before Jackass? How did Andy Roy overcome his heroin addiction to return to pro-skateboarding? Some of skating's biggest icons look at their past, present and future in the sport, and the impact of those four little wheels.

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