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Bask In The Cool, Euphoric Ambience of Tom Demac and Real Lies' "White Flowers"

The London band's latest track evokes one mission: let's meet at the crossroads where plants and electronic music combine.

by Ryan Bassil
14 September 2018, 9:13am

Photo by Maxwell Tomlinson

You’ve got the golden hour. It’s the blissful orange-hued glow that arrives as the sun sets, nature’s in-built Instagram filter, almost begging fashion influencers and video directors alike to whip their camera out. Then everything goes dark and the night begins. And then after that its less famous cousin arrives, the blue hour, which exists in the ephemeral hours between dusk and dawn.

If you’ve been out far too long into the next day, you might know this short-lived era as the paradisiacal moment where everything is covered in mist and the lights of the city are blinking in the distance. When home doesn’t feel too far away, just slightly in reach. When the only thing open is a petrol station with the front doors locked. When your phone’s dead but it doesn’t matter.

"White Flowers", a collaboration track Tom Demac and Real Lies, exists in this world – one foot remaining in whatever club has managed to keep its late late licence and the other in nature, its atmosphere capturing the vast expanses that surround our cities. “Because we’re flowers on the lampposts / bliss to be alive,” says the initial repeated hook, murmuring its way through the song in shattered and slightly numb ecstasy, placed neatly between tales of heartbreak, Gavin Hills and all the stories that are left to tell.

The track is part of the “White Flowers” single, which features the extended version of the tune and another new one from Tom Demac, called “Felix”. It’s out on Kompakt. Look close in the video and maybe you’ll see Greenwich foot tunnel or one of your dreams. Keep swimming!

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