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"Teach Me How To Dougie" Has Entered Alabama's Political Fold

The song was played after this guy called Doug Jones beat alleged sexual assaulter Roy Moore in a Senate race.

by Lauren O'Neill
13 December 2017, 12:16pm

Image via Wikimedia Commons

The facts:

– The conservative state of Alabama elected the Democratic candidate, Doug Jones, to their vacant Senate seat. This is the first time a democrat has been elected to a senate seat in Alabama since 1992. (That senator became a republican two years later).

– Jones' opponent was the Republican Roy Moore, whose campaign has been plagued by accusations of the sexual assault of minors.

– All in all – a good day for progressive politics, at least in the state of Alabama.

Then, there's this: a televised victory speech on American TV channel C-SPAN 2 (which, it must be noted, is a name with as much personality as this screwdriver), featuring the below moment:

Yes, yes that is "Teach Me How to Dougie" by Cali Swag District you can hear on the US equivalent of BBC Parliament. Yes it is.

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