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Watch a New Clip from the Forthcoming David Bazan Documentary ‘Strange Negotiations’

And donate to the film's Kickstarter page to push it over the $75,000 mark.

by Alex Robert Ross
31 March 2017, 8:39am

This article originally appeared on Noisey US. 

David Bazan is there in his songs. The loss of faith, the exhaustion of everything, the loss, the gain, the wry agony. He's not a preacher—"How shrill can you be for 20 years?," he asked Noisey last year, "What's the posture that's really best over the long haul, if you really care, and it's not just about your ego?—but he has his own ministry in living rooms on tour. He's not a pastor, though he always thought he would be. He's not a Christian, but he still feels for the Church. All this is tangled up in his songs; you just have to pick it apart.

For two years, director Brandon Vedder followed Bazan around America to separate the threads. He followed Bazan into the living rooms that he plays in on tour, the home that he misses when he's out on the road, and the studio that he spilled it all out in. The result is Strange Negotiations, the feature-length documentary about Bazan that's nearing its $75,000 goal on Kickstarter. Below, you can watch a new clip from the movie, laying out the process behind "Permanent Record," a standout from Bazan's stunning recent record Care.

Vedder wrote to Noisey to explain the clip and the Bazan's process around the record:

David's new record Care came together incredibly fast. A week after he told me he was making it I was flying up to Seattle to capture the process for the film I have been making about Dave called Strange Negotiations. Day One started with six-hour drive to Richard Swift's (The Black Keys/The Shins) studio in the middle of Oregon. We got in after dinner and they cut the title track before that night was over. I hadn't seen David this focused in the 2 years I'd been documenting his process. They communicated like they had made ten records together though this was their first. David would play each demo for Swift and they would immediately dig in, taking it apart and putting it back together, auditioning instruments and parts on the fly. This clip gives a look into that process for the track "Permanent Record," which started with David just grabbing one of the hundreds of instruments in Swift's studio.

Check out the clip below and donate to the Strange Negotiations Kickstarter right here. You can also buy Care through Vinyl Me Please; they're putting all proceeds from the record towards the making of the film.

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