Shelter Adds a Dreamy Hour of Globally-Minded Melodies to Our Balearic Mix Series

With a mini-album on International Feel on the way, the Parisian producer surveys a world of melody for our Incantations series.

by Josh Baines
23 March 2017, 12:00pm

Right, this is getting ridiculous now, seriously. International Feel, please, please, please take a quick break from releasing incredible music. Our bank balances would really appreciate it, as would our mates who by now are pretty sick of hearing us drone on about your label down the pub. Obviously don't go on too long a hiatus, though. Cheers lads.

The imprint's latest release—which drops tomorrow—comes from Parisian producer Alan Briand, who produces zouk-tinged balearo-ambient mini-masterpieces as Shelter. Zou Zou Zou is a seven track exploration of globally-minded melody that has us cursing our inability to play any kind of instrument. Wouldn't it be lovely, for a day, an hour, a minute, to be able to make sounds like these?

Shelter doesn't like press shots.

Still, given that we've got all the musical dexterity of a pawless rodent, we'll have to settle for Briand's fantastic addition to our Incantations series. A fantastically slinky set of creamy, downtempo sounds from around the world. It's had us captivated for weeks on end.

The THUMP team strongly, strongly recommend that you take this mix on down to your favourited wooded enclave, with nothing more than a clear mind and a bottle of water for company. Let the leaves and mulch crumble under your feet, breathe in the incoming summer, and let your troubles drift away into the afternoon light. Life is good, sometimes. Remind yourself of that fact.

Zon Zon Zon by Shelter arrives on International Feel on the 24th of March.

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