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Festival Fashion Eats Itself: Coachella Is Suing Urban Outfitters

Turns out the "Coachella Boot" is trademark infringement.

by Lauren O'Neill
17 March 2017, 11:55am

At one point, if Coachella and Urban Outfitters were a meme, they'd have been "Name a more iconic duo... I'll wait." Because, do you see, they seemed to be such an iconic duo! You could not have one without the other – it was not possible to even dream of showing up to Coachella without your Urban Outfitters crochet bikini top, flower crown and Instax Mini to document all the amazing memories! But now, if Coachella and Urban Outfitters were a meme they would be the "Friendship ended" meme. This is because their friendship, dear reader, has ended.

Like the over-familiar housemate who you're big mates with until they start eating your hummus out the fridge without even thinking to ask first, Urban Outfitters have seemingly overstepped the line with Coachella, and now they're getting sued. Despite not having an official deal with the festival, Free People, a subsidiary of Urban Outfitters-owning URBN, sold a number of items with "Coachella" in their names or online descriptions. For a time, you could be the proud owner of a "Coachella Boot," a "Coachella Mini Dress," or even a "Coachella Valley Tunic," all of which would have certainly seen you photographed for a "Coachella Fashion" photo story on someone's blog, but now all traces of these items have been removed from the internet, because of the law. So much for the ~vibe~ of Coachella which is just kind of about being free and, like, having fun in the desert.

According to a complaint filed by Coachella in California, the festival felt that Urban Outfitters has been "trading on the goodwill and fame" of the event, and has accused the company of trademark infringement. Wow. Is there any coming back from a suing? Is this the end of an unofficial but time-honoured partnership? Where will you get your potential Coachella Freshening Mist (water in a bottle with Aztec pattern) or Coachella Vegan Leather Feather Tiara now? This is a disaster.

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(Image via Wikimedia Commons)