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Artist Creates an Extradimensional Portrait... Of His Dad

11 August 2015, 8:30pm
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Video artist Kevin McGloughlin takes his projects to the extreme, whether they involve turning a night drive into a hyperspeed highway or putting a googol (1.0 × 10100) versions of a clip on a single screen. It's no surprise that, when it came to making a portrait of his dad, Páraic McGloughlin, Sr., he went the wild route. "The process for this portrait was quite long," McGloughlin prefaces, before explaining his new video, Architect, to The Creators Project. In his in-depth explanation, he describes processes like Strata-Cut animation, compositing scans, photos, and realtime footage in Adobe After Effects, and stacking the 2D clip in a 3D space, but feels that they're not as important as the final product. "To be honest, I think it might be best to just keep the description much more simple," he confesses.

What you see in Architect is a scholarly-looking bearded head rapidly changing color and warping in and out of existence, while shapes and forms that look like math and science incarnate stream from his face. That's one way to say, "I love you, dad," but we'll stick with a card for now.

See more of Kevin McGloughlin's work on Vimeo.


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