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Massimo Cellino’s Son Ercole Makes Bizarre Nazism References On Instagram Post

Even Ken Livingstone thinks he’s gone too far... probably.

by UK Sports Staff
29 April 2016, 4:44pm

Ercole Cellino, the son of Leeds United owner Massimo and a director at the club, has risked causing further controversy at Elland Road by using the hashtags "gestapo" and "ss" on Instagram.

Posing with his head freshly shaved, Ercole appeared to make a reference to Nazism in the public post on his official account. His exact reasons for doing so are unclear, though he told one user: "Obviously my parents are the hashtag jokes, it was not my intention to offend anyone. Look I can be anything but anti-Semitic or racist", before signing off with a winky-face emoji.

This comes after he called a female fan a "whale" and told her to stop eating during an exchange on the site last month. He and his brother Eduardo, both of whom are listed as directors of the club, have been widely criticised for insulting supporters on social media.

Eduardo Cellino was punished with a suspension last week, following an independent regulatory commission hearing into a private message exchange on Facebook where he reportedly called a supporter a "spastic" and a "moron". He was fined £5,000, warned about his conduct, and ordered to complete an education course within four months.

Ercole's behaviour will doubtlessly prompt an investigation. Leeds protest group Time To Go Massimo have said: "We are disappointed, yet sadly not surprised to once again see a member of the Cellino family and a director of the club bring Leeds United's name into disrepute through his own ignorance.

"This further cements the fact he is not fit to hold such a lofty position at Leeds United Football Club."

Leeds have so far declined to comment.

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