Want to Win Some Free Passes to the BFI's Teen Movie Festival?

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28 July 2014, 10:53am

A still from Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Remember the bit in Heathers where the bomb blast lights Veronica's cigarette? Or when they all break into the swimming pool near the end of Kids? If so, good on you for possessing a memory. If not, don't fret – the BFI are dedicating the whole of August to a season of teen movies, so you can watch those films again, commit everything to the filing cabinets of your mind and avoid the kind of crippling humiliation you just experienced.

Their film festival Teenage Kicks includes screenings of a load of cult classics, from Brian De Palmer's Carrie (1976) to Todd Solondz' Welcome To The Doll House (1995), as well as premiering director Charlie Lyne's new documentary on the teen movie, Beyond Clueless.

VICE are giving away a Golden Pass to the festival, meaning you get to watch all the movies for free, as well as a BFI membership, a pair of Vans, a BFI T-shirt, a bunch of BFI books and a copy of Stephen King's Carrie. If you want to win, simply enter your info below. 

Now all the boring stuff: 

The competition is open to UK residents over the age of 16.
Competition will open on Monday 11am 28th of July and close at 2pm on Thursday the 31st July.
Winners will be contacted via Email.
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