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Swansea Love Story Vs The Law

01 February 2011, 6:32pm

Well done to South Wales Police for putting 26 drug addicts and low level dealers in prison for a few months where they can buy drugs more easily than they can on the street.

Oh, and also thanks for telling all the people you arrested that it was our fault you'd arrested them.

Look at this guy here:

Doesn't exactly look like a kingpin now does he?

And nor do these guys.

One of these faces belongs to our friend Cornelius Collins, who, along with his girlfriend Amy Protheroe, was the lead character in Swansea Love Story. We hope this latest spell in prison isn't too harsh for you pal.

When this story broke, I was contacted by Leo Leigh, with whom I made this film.

He said: "We had no intention to lead the police to arrest anybody involved with drugs in Swansea. We just wanted to show how out of control and hard it is for people with an addiction. This film could have been made in any city or town. We hope that in the future there will be more help in Swansea for heroin users.  It took our film for the authorities to do something about the heroin use in Swansea and this isn't the best way."

I agree with him. Maybe somewhat naively we made this film with the intention that it would "make a difference"; meaning that there'd be more help for people with option-less lives and that society would show more compassion for them, rather than peeing on them while they slept, stealing their shoes or beating them up in alleyways.

We didn't make it with the intention of inspiring a street sweeping exercise that will change not one single thing in the Swansea drug culture apart from tidying up the town centre for a few weeks.