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Xatar in Prison

VICE Germany was offered exclusive visitation rights to speak with Xatar, a German rapper of Iranian descent, during a stint in prison.

by VICE Germany
24 December 2014, 8:00am

Giwar Hajabi, aka Xatar, is a German rapper of Iranian descent who was released from Prison in December, 2014. He was originally sentenced to eight years in jail after robbing a gold transporter in 2009, stealing gold worth $2.2 million (and it's still missing). Previous offences included breaking a playboy bunny's nose in Hugh Hefner's mansion during a trip to the USA, and alleged drug dealing during a stay in London. After the gold robbery, he fled to Iraq via Moscow where he was jailed, tortured, and finally handed over to Germany.

VICE Germany was the only camera team admitted during his stay in prison. In Xatar in Prison, we discuss his newly-found religious beliefs, follow him around during a typical day in jail, and attend a group therapy session. While assuring everyone that he has changed, his and his labels' music continue to spread messages of crime and violence. One of his most notorious music videos showed the exact circumstances of the gold robbery months before he actually committed the crime.

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