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Alcoholic Beverages Under the Microscope

This is what you put in your mouth every night.

by Redazione
18 October 2011, 10:00am

BevShots is a company that sells images of alcoholic drinks that have been taken under a microscope. From their website:

"In 2006, the Florida Board of Governors implemented the State University Research Commercialization Assistance Grant Program. The program’s goal was to increase commercialization of products and technologies that emerge from research taking place at state universities in Florida. Lester Hutt, founder and president of BevShots®, was employed under the grant to research the market for the beverage images and decided this endeavor had enormous potential. Hutt personally invested to start the company and licensed the images from Florida State University and Davidson, thus bringing life to BevShots®!  Since then BevShots® has popped the cork on, allowing consumers to view and purchase their favorite drink related products. Now, not only are the vibrant images available for purchase as art pieces, BevShots® is set to launch a new gift line which includes coasters, stainless steel flasks, women’s fashion scarves and much more."

Though it's definitely sad that scientists have to resort to selling "women's fashion scarves" to fund their research, the pictures are pretty cool.

All images courtesy of BevShots.