Royal Canoe Dance Away the Blues With Tight Choreography in New Video "Walk On Water"

The video's is directed by Emmy-award winning Dan Huiting so we can say it's objectively good.

by Sarah MacDonald
17 November 2016, 8:54am

Royal Canoe have a reason to not feel so optimistic lately. The Winnipeg rock band recently had their gear jacked from a show in Laval, Quebec. And yet, after such a blow to how they perform, there is still a sense of overwhelming optimism in the eerily timely release for their new video "Walk On Water." The lyrics "I'm not going under" may ring especially true given that they had the cumulative amount lost on gear is in the $85,000-$90,000 range. Royal Canoe are not going to go under. In the video, a small boy awakes from a desolate, apocalyptic place. Directed by Emmy award-winning Dan Huiting, and shot in Manitoba's Spirit Sand Desert and Bird's Hill Park, we see the boy spin a bottle that seems to read "Passion" as it points directly forward into the unknown. The visuals are also spiritually soaked; a metaphor almost for keeping one's head high during times of struggle.

"The video, performed by the eminently talented Anton Sokalski, follows the transformation of a young boy from marooned orphan to broadway star in his quest for water as he dances through the desert," Royal Canoe tells Noisey via email. "We worked with Director Dan Huiting and Choreographer Kaja Irwin to create something that really focuses on the defiance of the character. The dance is his way of making a game out of the journey - coping with his plight by feigning confidence and bravado."

Watch the video below:

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