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Thundercat Bass-Battled Hannibal Burress' Robot on 'The Eric André Show'

26 September 2016, 9:05am

Adult Swim and bass god Thundercat go together like peas in a pod, or rather, strings on a bass (*is tossed out of a window for this terrible joke, returns*). The video for "Tron Song " might be the best example of this synergy. Thundercat just recently popped up on The Eric André Show, not as one of the show's storied musical guests but to engage in a bass-off with co-host Hannibal Burress. The catch is that it's not actually Hannibal, but an inert "robot" in his likeness. A pants-less man appears later. Any description of this video sounds like David Lynch so go watch the segment below. It's less than a minute long, dudes.

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