Vote: for Drugs, for Sex, for Equality, for You and for Life

Show this post to your grandparents or friends or anyone who wants the good life.

by Ryan Bassil
08 June 2017, 12:01pm

On rare occasion, it can feel as though a torch has been taken to the national consciousness, setting it alight. National holidays, the first big weekend of the summer, the still exhumation of New Year's eve turning into a skeletal morning: these days share a temporal energy, as though we've been plugged into the same server of feeling – which is exactly how a general election feels.

Like the rushing awareness of Friday night but on a mass scale, there's an encroaching sense of excitement to tomorrow morning when the election results are announced. Similarly, there's a choice to be made: to vote or to abstain, to grab life by the reigns or stay home, to vote Tory or vote Labour, to carry some cans in a corner shop bag or to sit apathetically on the sofa twiddling thumbs.

Noisey isn't a website about politics but by the nature of music, it is inherently political. It is also a publication about believing the world is better when people come together, that every drop deserves to be squeezed from life, that equality and rights are as important as the air we breathe – all of which are massively opposed by the current Tory government. So fuck those guys into the grey concrete and turn them into the miserable slabs of inconsiderate gravel they are.

If you're reading this and haven't voted, but can: do. This collective feeling of an election – it comes from putting an X in a box. From walking away feeling like you're coming up on a morning pinger, are basking in the afterglow of wholesome sex, have witnessed a child being born – except the difference is you're grasping the future in your hands and making it your own.

This may be an echo chamber but within that echo chamber is you, the person who hasn't yet gone to the polling station but wants a better future for themselves. To communicate all of this in the easiest way possible, here are some memes comparing the candidates side to side and other important pieces of information to know. Show this to your grandparents, who will enjoy this sort of thing, or your parents, or your friend, or just take it all in. Tomorrow, we shall drink all the cans and stumble around the streets knowing your vote – or theirs – counted.