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Your Sandwich Is Missing This Surprising Condiment

Gravy mayonnaise provides an instant upgrade to any sandwich.

by Munchies Staff
28 November 2017, 2:18pm

Photo by Farideh Sadeghin

Everyone loves a no-frills, meat-filled, white bread sandwich (bonus points if it comes with crisps), but some days, a basic ham and cheese or classic corned beef just doesn’t hit the spot.

These are the moments that call for gravy mayo. Yes, as in: gravy plus mayonnaise, smeared all over bread and providing an instant upgrade to any sad sandwich.

RECIPE: Braised Beef Sandwich

This inspired condiment creation comes from chef and The Sandwich Show host Max Halley, who recently travelled to the North East coast in search of new sarnie inspiration. To make the gravy (and sandwich filling), he braises beef with soy, orange, ginger, and vegetables. The resulting aromatic meat juices are mixed with shop-bought mayo and spread thickly over slices of ciabatta, along with the falling-off-the-bone meat.

As a finishing flourish, Max also stuffs his sarnie with parsley, sauerkraut, and—of course—crisps.