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Fuck It, Let's Listen to a New Ice Cube Song Called "Arrest The President"

He suggests that Donald Trump is Satan before dismissing your "vape sticks." It is, in its way, heroic.
09 November 2018, 10:44am
Fuck It, Let's Listen to a New Ice Cube Song Called "Arrest The President"

Almost all American (and British) music is, in its way, responding to the Trump presidency and the misery that it's wrought on millions. Few songs, however, are responding to this in quite the same way as Ice Cube's "Arrest The President," which came out this morning. It is, to my knowledge, the only song that can compare the president to a demon:

Did you know the new white was orange?
Boy, you're showing your horns

...and then immediately dismiss vaping:

You so basic with your vape stick
Let's go apeshit in the matrix

It's a burn-it-all-down, anti-fuckhead anthem that allows Cube, who now spends most of his time working as an ESPN-friendly basketball mogul, to advocate for full-on insurrection. It kinda rules. Listen to it below.

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