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Khalid Is Between Several Ferns in His "Saved" Video

The American teen is well-lit and presumably quite sweaty.

by Phil Witmer
15 December 2017, 9:44am

Khalid seems to enjoy being in extremely high-temperature locations for his music videos, as seen in the windswept desert setting of... "Location." Everywhere will be warm in a few decades because of climate change, so he'll have plenty of options, but for now here's the new clip for "Saved," which continues in this vein quite proudly.

Khalid hangs out in a greenhouse (or artificial rainforest, it's unclear) and the beach, all while lit in that distinctly mid-2010s neon glow. There are also several well-silhouetted shots of Khalid staring at waves while his own song knocks in the background, which basically sums up the pensive but grooving feeling of listening to a good Khalid song in a single visual. Watch the "Saved" video above.