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Har Mar Superstar Surfs The Red Carpet At The Premiere Of SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS

Talking to fans, friends, and filmmakers about the film, the band, and everyone’s ultimate going away party.

by The Creators Project Staff
13 July 2012, 3:13pm

At the premiere of SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS, the same celebratory air that surrounded LCD SOUNDSYSTEM’s final performance permeated the crowd. Rather than mourning the lost potential of new albums from one of the most loved bands of the last decade, fans, friends, and moviegoers buzzed with sweet memories of live LCD shows and moments that will forever be tied to their songs. Singer Har Mar Superstar traversed this lovefest with a microphone, gathering thoughts from the likes of Aziz Ansari, DJ Chelsea Leyland, producer Thomas Benski, a few die-hard fans, and the man of the hour himself, James Murphy.

Among Har Mar’s prompts and queries are ones about favorite LCD songs, memories, and, naturally, how different folks would like to celebrate their respective funerals. From sendoffs accompanied by a drumline and step team to planned disasters, everyone’s got their own take on their end-of-life celebration. As for Murphy himself, he says, “I’m going to try and die in a car crash on the anniversary of the last show.” Let’s hope that projection doesn’t come true.

As for the end of LCD SOUNDSYSTEM and his future work as a musician, Murphy says, “It will feel weirder when I make a record that’s not an LCD SOUNDSYSTEM record.” Could these be the first inklings of his next project? We’re excited to see what he puts out next.

As one of the film’s executive producers, we’ve been hot on the heels of all things SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS, and there’s no end in sight to the celebration of Murphy’s career with LCD SOUNDSYSTEM. So far we’ve talked to folks like Ansari, Reggie Watts, and Nick Kroll about their feelings tied to the band and New York City, as well as their absolute favorite hits. And there’s plenty more to come!


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