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Legowelt's Helped Baba Stiltz Pop his Unknown to the Unknown Cherry

Legowelt and Baba Stiltz? On Unknown to the Unknown? Heaven, we're in heaven!

by Josh Baines
28 October 2015, 10:55am

If there's three things we love on THUMP, other than fish, chips and curry sauce, it's Unknown to the Unknown, Baba Stiltz and Legowelt. So when we found out that Swedish producer and Studio Barnhus affiliate Stiltz was about to drop an EP on DJ Haus' UTTU imprint that came with a remix by everyone's favourite Dutch master of deviantly degraded cosmically attuned avant-house Legowelt, well, we nearly puked up our lunch with excitement.

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The Cherry single, set to drop next month is, as you'd expect, an absolute doozy. The original takes a woozy, weird Alicia Keys sample and bolts it onto a basement smashing 4am screamer. Legowelt steps up and does what Legowelt does best. if you know Legowelt — and by now you really, really should — you know exactly what to expect. Sort of. Check it out in full below.

Cherry drops on UTTU next month.

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