Ipman Offers a Searing Take on Drum and Bass with Album Closer "Strong Ones"

The UK artist is ready to break with the release of his debut album 'Depatternings.'

16 October 2015, 3:34pm

Ipman, real name Jack Gibbons, hails from the countryside town of Herefordshire in the UK. While the small rural county sounds like it might be a breeding ground for friendly hobbits, instead, it's the hometown of a guy making rave music that's hotter than the very depths of Mordor.

After an array of well-received releases on lauded bass imprints like Tempa and Cold Recordings, Gibbons is dropping his debut album Depatterning tomorrow, via a joint release between famed dubstep outfit Tectonic, and the Glitch Mob's Glass Air label. Gibbons will be the first non-Glitch Mob affiliated artist to ever release on their label, becoming part of an unexpected cross-Atlantic linkup that displays the best fragments of sound you've come to love from the two labels, both of which specialize in melting your face.

Gibbons found inspiration for the release in the isolation of his hometown, a place that felt a world away from the loud sounds of cities like London and Manchester. A self-proclaimed tech nerd at heart, he built his whole world of production from experimenting with an array of synths and drum machines, resulting in the vintage jungle/drum and bass leaning vibes of his debut album, the likes of which are beaming from his track "Strong Ones."

Mixing up breaks, spooky vocals sprinklings, and some very strong vibes—it hits you hard in all the right places. Check it out below.

Pick up your copy of Depatternings here.