'Projection Napping' Puts Sleeping Giants on NYC Buildings

Nappers are popping up on walls all over NYC, thanks to the Dawn of Man art collective.

by Beckett Mufson
23 March 2015, 10:15pm

Images courtesy the artist

Here's a peaceful take on the often energetic medium of projection mapping: Projection Napping. Art collective Dawn of Man has been illuminating buildings all over New York City with peaceful sleepers, carefully designed to lean against their wall's edges, or indents in their bricks. The collective is known for attaching thoughtful messages to their transient public installations, like the Occupy Wall Street slogans they emblazoned across the Verizon building, and Projection Napping, as clever as it may seem, is no different.

"Projection Napping features a series of large-scale, site-specific video projections, juxtaposing the calm, meditative state of napping against the kinetic, high energy noise of the sleepless city," Dawn of Man artist Max Nova tells The Creators Project. "An unsuspecting audience usually emerges at each location, often sparked with intrigue, sometimes enlightenment, and always a whole lot of questions."

Nova and his team plan on continuing to project large-scale nappers onto the city's apartment buildings and skyscrapers "well into the warmer weather," so now is your chance to catch a sleeping giant of your own.

Visit Dawn of Man's website for more creative projection mapping projects.


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