'Biophilia' Book Preserves Nature's Beauty in Mosaics and Mandalas

Take a peek inside nature artist Christopher Marley's stunning 288-page book of beetles, butterflies, and more.

by Nicole Walsh
03 August 2015, 9:30pm

Page 227, Limited Aesthetica. Images courtesy of Abrams Books

Biophilia is the latest project from nature artist Christopher Marley. In the book, Marley conveys his fervor for all the different forms of nature across 212 color plate illustrations. Ranging from insects to birds, plants, and even venturing into aquatic life, Biophilia has a slice of the wild for everyone. Even if you hate the outdoors, it’s impossible to deny the beauty of Marley’s vibrant photographs, mosaics, mandalas, and more.

Marley’s passion for nature stems, oddly enough, from a fear of bugs. Having conquered that fear, however, Marley developed an interest in almost everything relating to nature—be they butterflies or badgers. Check out some of the captivating critters of Biophilia below: 

Page 18, Rainbow Dung Beetle

Page 244, Tropical Fish Mosaic

Page 238, Solar Prism

Page 68, Octopus

Page 185, Amazon Grasshopper

Page 55, Sumptuosa Prism

Page 124, Elegans Prism X

Biophilia, which was released in April of this year, is available to purchase online from Pheromone Gallery and Amazon.


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