A Martin Shkreli, Wu Tang, and Bill Murray Musical Is Coming

Whether or not anyone wants it is a different story.

by Beckett Mufson
09 June 2016, 6:00pm

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When millionaire Martin Shkreli made headlines for inflating the price of an AIDS drug by 5,000 percent, he started a media frenzy that included angry celebrities, the Wu Tang Clan, federal lawmakers, a legendary FOIA request, and, in an absurd twist, Bill Murray. Now the whole narrative is being adapted into a "musical caper comedy" with a title even stranger than the story: Martin Shkreli’s Game: How Bill Murray Joined the Wu-Tang Clan.

Lyricist Lauren Gundrum and songwriter Joel Esher have woven the tale of Shkreli purchasing the Wu Tang Clan's one-of-a-kind record Once Upon a Time in Shaolin for $2 million into a series of musical numbers. The purchase was made before the pharma-bro became infamous for raising the prices of antimalarial Daraprim to $750 per pill. Later, when Shkreli was revealed as the buyer of the coveted record, the internet let him become a villain worthy of the theater. A hoax quickly spread claiming the contract had a clause granting Wu Tang a chance to steal the record back, provided they enlist the help of beloved actor Bill Murray. Gundrum and Esher set their play in a world where the clause actually exists, following Murray, RZA, GZA, and Shkreli Twitter rival Ghostface Killah as they attempt to retrieve the album.


According to the NY Post, the play will premiere at the Midtown International Film Festival on July 19, including songs called, "I’m Martin F***ing Shkreli And You Can All Go F**k Yourselves” and "Shaolin Is a Feeling." To make that happen, Gundrum and Esher set up an Indiegogo with a goal of $6,500 to pay actors and produce the play. Rewards include digital downloads of the score, a custom version of "I’m Martin F***ing Shkreli And You Can All Go F**k Yourselves” adapted to your name, and the $2,000,000 "Shkreli Special," which gives donors the chance to shut the musical down for good.

Since the musical made headlines on the NY Post, CNBC, and more, it looks like they've found someone to play the lead role: Shkreli himself. He fired off a tweet offering to, "reluctantly star in and fund this new musical." His ego might be too big for the job though, as he's already suggesting changes, including a scene where he plays Creed's "Higher" and demanding $1,000 worth of candy

Does anyone want this musical? We'll find out when the Indiegogo ends in a month. If you want to help make Martin Shkreli’s Game: How Bill Murray Joined the Wu-Tang Clan happen—or stop it from happening, donate here. To learn more about the villain behind the goofy grin, check out VICE's intimate interview in Shkreli's apartment.


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