We Spoke to the Woman Who Said Taylor Swift’s Vagina Looks Like a Sloppy Ham Sandwich

The online presence of Jennifer Mayers, a 44-year-old stay-at-home mom in Louisiana, is so extreme that many feel that the whole thing is a hoax, and Mayers is a high-level troll.

by Charley Lanyon
19 July 2016, 9:20am

Foto von Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

The more internet-savvy of you will have already seen Jennifer Mayers' notorious tweet from last month.

Mayers—who, according to her Twitter bio, is a wife, mother, and Christian from Louisiana who loves the beach—tweeted a picture of two sandwiches side by side: one with the ham spilling out from within the roll, the other with the ham neatly packed inside the bun.

There's really no way to sugarcoat this: The sandwiches kind of, vaguely, in the right mental setting, look like vaginas. And in the accompanying tweet, Mayers wrote, "The reason I preach #Christianity. My daughters represent the right. Taylor Swift's vagina represents the left."

The tweet seems to be the work of a crazy person, and a deeper dive into Mayers' Twitter history, and her blog, and her new e-book doesn't do much to discourage that impression. Mayers' outspoken support of Donald Trump is only the tip of the iceberg; she routinely refers to black people as "monkeys," celebrates the recent death of Alton Sterling, and admonishes women to stay in shape by arguing that their bodies are for their husbands to "cherish."

In fact, her online presence is so extreme that many feel that the whole thing is a hoax, and Mayers is a high-level troll.

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When we reached out to Mayers, her immediate response was "What's a VICE Munchies?"—and she actually seemed eager to answer our questions. She explained the tweet by saying that she saw the ham sandwiches and just "thought of what it resembled." She was already upset because it was "either the day of or the day after Ms. Swift's latest sexual escapades were made public, and I guess I was feeling overcome with frustration that my daughters were having to grow up with a 'role model' like that."

Here's what else she had to say about the sandwich photo that blew up the internet.

MUNCHIES: Can you explain the meaning behind the tweet? What does the difference in the ham sandwiches represent, exactly? Jennifer Mayers: [It was] merely a visual aid. People are taking it too literally, as if I somehow have my daughters squat over me so I can examine them daily. It's absurd. It's a visual representation of what purity should be in contrast with the ragged and promiscuous lifestyle of Ms. Swift. That is all. The whole anatomy and logistics of it are irrelevant. Everyone has different bodies I am not that ignorant.

Many people have said that they are unable to look at ham sandwiches the same way after your tweet. I was never a fan of ham to begin with so I will be just fine without them, haha. I apologise to anyone who feels they can no longer enjoy them.

Do you think discussing your daughter's private parts on the internet is appropriate, and do you feel it is justified to attack a woman based on the alleged appearance of her vagina? I don't think it's obscene at all. It's a sandwich! And I wasn't discussing my daughters' vaginas literally. It's a representation of purity. People have dirty minds and automatically go to the most negative places with the intent to mock and abuse me on social media. I have gotten used to it.

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Obviously, this tweet has gotten you a lot of attention. What has your experience of internet notoriety been like? Any regrets? I was VERY surprised and overwhelmed. The experience overall has been positive. I get completely and utterly verbally raped and crucified daily with hateful and vulgar messages. Death threats, attacks on my faith, my appearance, my family etc. It hurts my feelings but in the end, it's helped me understand the abuse that Jesus went through and I feel more stronger [sic] than ever.

How do you think you developed your unique world view? Where do you get your news? I love the idea of having a pure life of the old days when there was less crime, and more families cherished the time they spent together. I don't allow bad language or gum-chewing in my home. No pets indoors.

I love reading the news and seeing what goes on throughout the day. Fox News obviously, CNN, CBS. I love Reba McEntire and Celine Dion. They are my ultimate idols and inspiration as to what women should be. I have a soft spot for old movies—I love Mildred Pierce and Working Girl, as well as Girl, Interrupted.

Thanks for talking with us.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.